Equipment / Safety



All equipment necessary for our courses is provided free of charge and will be tailored to suit your individual needs.  We stock a large number of left and right handed bows of varying sizes and poundage (how hard it is to draw the bow).



Shooting with the correct arrows is as important as the bow.  We use aluminium arrows for safety and these will provided be for you.  Arrows will be matched to your height and draw length to ensure you get maximum performance.

Safety Equipment


We will provide you with armguards and finger tabs to help minimise the possibility of injury.  Archery is a very safe sport but if the bowstring catches your arm it can leave bruises if armguards aren't worn.



We use foam layered 80cm target butts which are ground mounted for additional safety.

These targets butts make it much easier to remove arrows than conventional straw butts.  



Participants will progress to using sights which will be added to the bows part way through the course.

Your bow will also be fitted with a button which can be tuned to improve the flight of your arrows.

Now You



There are a few simple rules which are all linked to safety.  Apart from these there are no requirements for special clothing.

Please ensure you avoid or can remove:

Loose jewellery (necklaces, earings and piercings.

Loose clothing such as hoods and scarves.

Open toed sandals or flipflops.



Having a injury, illness or disability won't necessarily stop you participating but please ensure you inform us.  If we know about any limitations you might have we can work with you to try to accommodate your circumstances.

You also need to take responsibility for any injuries you sustain during the activity. Archery is very safe but you will potentially be using muscle groups that you haven't used before so please inform us immediately if you experience any pain or discomfort. 



Participants will need to listen and follow basic commands.  The archery sessions are run with the safety of everyone in mind.  The few rules we have need to be followed in order to keep everybody safe.

If you feel that you might struggle to follow the safety rules please talk to us and we will try and work out a way to help you.

Dangerous behaviour cannot be accepted and we may need to stop you shooting if we feel your behaviour poses a risk.