September Beginner's Course

The September Beginner's Course came to a very successful completion with Erin, Zachary and Fabio gaining their course certificates with some style.

Fabio progressed swiftly to using sights and stabilisers and shot an amazing 240 (20yds) during the final session.  Erin progressed with ease and showed her prowess from day 1 as she shot exceptionally well during each of the sessions (including winning a competition with dad at the end of the 3rd session - sorry Mark).

Zachary shot very well but struggled from the first session with aiming and couldn't get used to closing his left eye.  However once he turned pirate and wore an eye patch he was shooting gold doubloons in no time at all.

Congratulations to all on an excellent performance and on gaining your certificate.


October 1 Day Beginners Course

October saw the delivery of another successful bespoke beginners course and Mark and Mike cruised through the day to earn their certificate.

This 1 day course included all of the components of the 5/6 week beginners course and resulted in some superb shooting / scoring from both participants.

Well done Mike and Mark.