About Us

Archery is what we do

GETintoARCHERY is a Hampshire based mobile archery training provider.  We aim to provide personalised courses and activities to enable people to access the sport.

We are passionate about archery and the benefits it provides to participants.  We have experience in running a wide range of different courses and sessions to a wide range of adults and children, including those with special educational needs.

All activities are run by GB Archery qualified instructors and are designed to encourage access and participation.

Our training groups never contain more than 6 beginners to ensure that the environment is calm and that participants can be fully supported to achieve their goals and enjoy their experience.

We run courses during the day, evening and during school holidays to suit your lifestyle and availability and can run personalised courses for individuals or family groups.  

Why Choose Archery


About archery

Archery is a very social sport but also one that focuses on the individual's performance and their own personal achievements.

Archery is extremely accessible - it is possible to adapt to individual needs.  It is also a low cost sport for beginners.  There are a wide number of archery clubs within most areas where families can shoot together or you can participate as an individual and meet new people.  Most, if not all, physical limitations can be accommodated.


What are the benefits?

As well as being a very social activity archery has significant benefits for the individual:

-  Improved concentration and focus

-  Increased upper body strength

-  Developed hand eye co-ordination

-  Relaxing and calming 

Archery is one of the few sports where everyone participates together irrespective of age, gender, able bodied status or shooting discipline. 

You will get to meet a wide range of people all of whom will be keen to help you progress but more importantly enjoy the sport.


What will it cost to progress further?

Archery is a very accessible and relatively cheap sport.  As with all sports, equipment can vary from the very reasonable to the ludicrously expensive but entry level archery equipment is very reasonably priced.  You can start from as little as £120 (including bow, arrows, arm guard etc) for new equipment but many clubs will lend you their equipment until you are ready to buy your own.

Archery membership is an additional cost but many clubs offer annual membership for as little as £75 per year for adults.